Mission Statement

Become Global leaders of Cryptocurrency in terms of education, finance and retail. Empowering and improving the lives of individuals while making a positive impact in our community.

Our Story

For our CEO George Samaris the crypto journey  began in 2012 when he first read about the ability to essentially end the "middle man" in banking transactions.  Being wildly successful in his brick and mortar businesses with over 100 million per year in sales he saw a major opportunity to end the ever increasing cartel grip and increasing fees of the banking sector. He began  by building 4 mining computers to mine the coin Litecoin.  The fascination grew in every aspect until finally deciding to join  other crypto enthusiasts and specialists and create the Altcoin Ninjas Organization.

Meet the Team


Coming together is a beginning

keeping together is a progress

working together is a success

-Henry Ford

George Samaris

Founder & CEO


High energy and highly focused, and no goal is unreachable.

"Man of action"

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